Solutions for Digital Color Photography Combinations for Scrapbooking or Journaling

Very interesting and heart-warming with the best art of photography art, and what a great blend as you combine digital photography, scrapbooking and journaling! But where do you stand on top of the great scrapbooking controversy? That is the controversy surrounding journal journals and digital journals.¬†Purists who take their scrapbooking very seriously think that journaling read more »

Recommendations and Guidelines for Digital Photography and Photographic Art Insights

This is proof that art is very valuable, and can the camera show the shot shot you just took? Many cameras today allow you to preview the shots on the screen at the back. This is an important part of the camera lately that makes me wonder how we live without it. The question is, read more »

Follow Digital Photography Tips and Why Bother Using Image Editing Software

Learn more about the art of photography, and if the digital camera is air for digital photography, image editing software is water to enhance your photography experience. You can only enjoy maximum photography with both on your side.¬†Over the years, as digital cameras expand, so does photo editing software. It becomes more sophisticated. Quiet, still read more »