Recommendations and Guidelines for Digital Photography and Photographic Art Insights

by admin

This is proof that art is very valuable, and can the camera show the shot shot you just took? Many cameras today allow you to preview the shots on the screen at the back. This is an important part of the camera lately that makes me wonder how we live without it. The question is, how big is the screen behind? Can you zoom in to make sure your image is not blurry? How many pixels are the screen, how many colors? Is it an LCD screen? What is LCD Screen? LCD – liquid crystal display: digital display that uses liquid crystal cells that change color to show the picture you just took.

Speed ​​camera

How fast does the camera save the image after you take the picture? What time does the camera need to save the image to memory? Can you take some pictures, or does the camera have to wait before you can take another picture.

All these questions should be answered when buying a camera.

In fact, many digital cameras being launched now can actually shoot so fast that it almost takes a movie through the lens – at 24 or more shots per second. The main thing is. Try the camera out, see how long the lag is between displaying shots after you pick it up. See if you like the picture, if it’s nice and you can zoom in to see the results.

Ease of use.

It’s important that the camera is easy to use – though too many choices can be confusing – too few choices can be tortured. You should be able to control the aperture, shutter speed and ISO. You have to know what the different settings are. It should have automatic settings, flash settings and you should be able to disable the flash if you want (turn it off).

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