Solutions for Digital Color Photography Combinations for Scrapbooking or Journaling

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Very interesting and heart-warming with the best art of photography art, and what a great blend as you combine digital photography, scrapbooking and journaling! But where do you stand on top of the great scrapbooking controversy? That is the controversy surrounding journal journals and digital journals. Purists who take their scrapbooking very seriously think that journaling should be done in your own handwriting, as it represents you and who you are. Others like digital journals. They show that handwriting is sometimes less than exemplary and the quality of the scrapbook is improved when journaling is done with the help of computers and printers. This is your call There is no right answer here.

However, it does not have to be “good / or”. There is a third option.
Did you know that you can duplicate your own handwriting in digital images? Yes, your own handwriting! Not just fancy font script that looks like your handwriting, but your own handwriting.

You need an item called Wacom art tablet. Check them out at. Tablets come in different sizes. The small 4 “x 5” tablet with pens costs about $ 85 at Amazon and works pretty well for our purposes. Once you get used to this item, you will use it regularly while editing your digital photography.

The Wacom Tablet is a computer peripheral. They resemble small pads that you plug into a computer port, or connect wirelessly if you have that ability. You’ll notice that the custom pen comes with a tablet.

This pen is an undercover mouse. You hold it like a pen and then by placing a pen point on an art tablet, you can use it for all the usual mousing functions.

However – and this is an important point – the ends provide a much better connection than the mouse. In addition, you can adjust the pen to some degree of pressure.

Both of these features allow you to create handwriting.

It works like this: You open your digital photo editing software. Open a new file, make any background color you want. Next, look for the toolbar and select a pencil tool or tool that lets you draw a free form line. Change whatever color you want from the text. Then, hold your mouse / pen in the same way as holding a pencil, WRITE (or print) your journaling on the Wacom tablet.

You now have a digital image file containing your own handwriting journals. You can print it as it is, or copy and paste it into another image. Since this is a digital image, you can resize the image to get the size of handwriting you want.

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