Solutions for Scanning for Beginners and How to Convert Your Old Photo, Slides and Negatives Into Digital Images

by admin

It is important that you follow all the art concepts that educate us to grow, and for people who need to store lots of old photos, slides and negatives at home or at work, there is a smart way for them to preserve these items. They just need a special scanner to help them. Right now, we are moving towards digital photography. Using the scanner and image processing software, you can easily convert your old photos, slides, and negatives into digital images. Let me share with you some helpful tips on how to handle these old items.

• First things first, to get the best results for digital images, you must have a good scanner. If you have not scanned, you are advised to buy it with a special feature. For example, the scanner should be able to return the colors effectively and the dust and scratches of the slides and negatives are well taken care of. In addition, you need to make sure that the scanner can be used to scan photos, slides or negatives.

• After you have finished scanning, let’s continue. Turn on the computer and scanner. Perform necessary settings on the scanner for both slides and negatives. Well, this is an important step. Before you place an old photo, slide or negative on the scanner, you must clean it first. You are encouraged to clean any slides or negative strips with anti-static fabric. This particular fabric helps to minimize the natural static electricity that attracts dust. To get a clearly scanned image without any dots or lines, you need to make sure your slides or negatives are clean so you do not have to waste time touching.

• After the cleaning job is complete, you can then place photos, slides or negatives into the carrier tray and start scanning. Scanning duration may be long if you have too many items to scan at a time.

• If you have scanned a particular photo, slide, or negative, you can first preview the image from the computer before printing it. To save all required images the right way, it is recommended that you arrange the scanned image into a different folder and give the name of each folder. You can set it by date, location or subject. Thus, you can see images easily in the future.

Last but not the least, changing old photos, slides and negatives into digital images and storing them on your personal computer is not enough. You need to take one extra step. You need to back up all images to an external hard disk or CD. It will be safer for you to do so because sometimes your computer may have a virus and you will lose all important files.

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