Studying Digital Photography Theory and a Large Viewpoint is important for shooting great pictures of today

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Professional photography always puts the best artistic value and the generation of dots and shoots creates problems while trying to shoot good pictures. If you are one of these, you are already in a disadvantaged position when trying to shoot well. Finding the nearest viewing angle and pressing the shutter button will not produce a good image. The principle of point and shoot is a good image enemy. When shooting an image you should consider the viewpoint as a great composition key. So, how does your perspective improve your image? Here’s how.

1. Do your homework

You need to know what to expect when going to a new location to take a photo. Do a little research and make sure what is available to make your perfect shot. Knowledge is power and if you want to create great images, do homework. Know what to expect and where the elements will fit the final picture.

2. Use your feet above your head

Once you know what’s there and you’ve planned a basic photo shoot, use your feet. Try out variations and move the location with your camera to your eyes and see if there are other angles that will improve the image. See if there might be other parts of the location that will pick you up, take you to a certain level or just give your initial idea a variation.

3. Find an unusual angle

This can be from lying on your back to climb a tree or near a ladder. Firing from bottom to bottom or high gives a completely different perspective compared to front and center shots. Experiments and mistakes are two great study friends for any photographer, so use them. Another angle you can try is tilting the camera. This works well with a good angle change. A slight change makes the photo look like the photographer was a bit tipsy, so make sure the viewer will know that the angle is part of the composition.

4. Fill the frame

You can have a perfect location, a good viewing angle and a unique angle but if the subject is too far the picture can look a little average, so go closer. Fill the frame with more of your subject. Always ask if the composition is tight enough. If not, move your leg or replace the lens. Exclude unnecessary elements or clutter to get the best out of composition ..

5. Take a chance

Often only adventurers take opportunities. I’m not talking about risk but rather like opportunities like shooting without looking through your viewfinder. Swing your camera around by a string with timers on. Hold it high above your head or on your ankles. Remember to shoot a lot of these pictures will not look good but, on the odd occasion something that looks great, you should take a chance.

Viewing angles are very important for photos so always be very aware of your position in relation to the subject or object of interest. And do not forget about security. Notice where you walk and how high you get. Do not compromise your safety for that perfect image. Viewing your award-winning images from hospital beds does not have the right feeling of achievement. Happy shooting!

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