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Professional Photography Art Design With Highest Method

October 31st, 2017

Design Professional Photography Art With Supreme Methods, and search for Professional Photographers with experience working together and dealing with Fine Arts. Many suppliers out there have no background in art copying experience and many do not even use photography. They will offer to ‘Scan’ your artwork on a flatbed scanner, which I’m sure you already know. Scanning can be satisfactory depending on the type and size of the artwork. It is not really suitable for Oil if you want to eliminate all surface reflections. Many suppliers use A2 A3 scanners. If your art is bigger than your image scanner will be ‘sewn’ at the same time. It will be scanned in parts, sometimes as many as four depending on the original size. It will then be digitally coupled to form a full size image. Certainly not the best approach if you want your best art reproduction and physically impossible on large or framed paintings. » Read more: Professional Photography Art Design With Highest Method