Traditional Photography Concept With Digital and News Photography

by admin

Let’s learn about digital photography representing nothing less than a revolution in the way we take and manipulate images. Even so, the basic basics of film photography apply digitally. Both need a lens to focus the light and the shutter for the lamp to enter the camera. The main difference between digital and movie photography is how images are taken. Traditionally, you need to make your movie flourish in dark rooms using a variety of chemicals (none of which are very environmentally friendly). The film development process produces a “negative” that needs to be processed further and printed before a usable image is produced. Needless to say, when the shutter was initially snapped is long gone by when you actually see the product from your drawing.

With digital, images are taken using an electronic sensor. This sensor consists of millions of “individual” pixels, or image elements, which convert light to zero or one (binary code). So instead of waiting for days or weeks (the longest, long hours) to view your pictures, with a digital camera, you see them instantly.

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